About Us

Our Quality Maple Syrup

Not all maple syrup is created equal. Farming maple syrup is a science with many variables. A farmer who is conscientious of cleanliness of equipment and timely in processing should produce quality maple syrup. It is for this reason that every barrel of maple syrup at Maple Orchard Farms of Canada is put through rigorous testing to ensure that you, our precious customer, receives only the finest–fit for Royalty, and are deemed Kosher Certified. If a barrel of maple syrup does not pass the taste, color, briz and other tests it is rejected and not used. Maple Orchard Farms of Canada is committed to quality and will not compromise. We will not cut costs which may sacrifice the quality in our product. Only The Best! This is why our products are guaranteed, so if there is a problem let us know¬† and we will make it right.

From our family to yours. Enjoy Maple, our Natural Staple